Happy New Year!

And just like that, it’s a new year. Hello 2019!

I’ve been absent from this space for quite some time, but here I am after months of silence wishing you a Happy New Year. I’m not going to make the ever-so-popular promise that bloggers tend to make of posting more for the new year – who needs that pressure on themselves, right? Let’s just say we’ll see where things take us. Life happens, and that was the case with 2018.

Speaking of 2018, oh what a year it was! Let me tell you, life has a way of throwing curve balls so that you see the bigger picture. I’m grateful for them, because I’m seeing clearer now. I stumbled upon a list of goals that I wrote back in 2012, and it was obvious to me that nothing much has changed. When you get to the root of it, we’re all basically aiming to be better humans.

I’m spending New Year’s Day relaxing, drinking sangria and mimosas, and setting intentions to manifest these goals and visions of mine. We’re all guilty of saying things like, “For the new year, I’m going to exercise more,” or “For the new year, I’m going to say ‘no’ more often.” But, I believe that we shouldn’t wait for a new year to put plans into action, as we should be working towards improving our lives every single day. Yes, the new year is a chance for a fresh start, but going forward, let’s all get in the habit of not procrastinating with our goals and start working on them NOW.

Happy New Year once again! What are your plans for 2019?

Keeping it Classy ~ Janell

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